HefeiWaiKe Co.Ltd is contracts with other legitimate businesses for Cultural and Business Consulting projects and Individuals for Business and Education Consulting.

There are 6 distinct markets for our services;

       Foreigners in China; expatriates and visitors.

       Chinese returning from abroad.

       Chinese from other provinces arriving in Hefei.

       Chinese preparing to travel, work, study or
       immigrate abroad.

       Chinese locals wishing to communicate or trade with foreigners.

       Corporations conducting international trade.

HefeiWaiKe combines western and Chinese cultures and ideals to deliver unique methods that work in your favour.,

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31.08.09Connections Cafe-Bar-BQ opened for International food, wine and beers.


HefeiWaiKe Co. Ltd. has invested in HefeiConnect mobile APP to develop the most interactive community in Hefei.


Connections Cafe-Bar-BQ has partnered with Chef Skye Wu to bring the most authentic international menu to Hefei.

HefeiWaiKe Co. Ltd.
2307 YuJingWan Build 2
1 WuHu Lu, YaoHai Qu
Hefei, AnHui, China, 230001

Email: info@hefeiexpat.com

HefeiWaiKe Business Consulting  Co. Ltd. is a foreigner owned company registered in Hefei to assist visitors and business to integrate into the local community and Chinese to go abroad.

Expat-English is the gateway to and from Hefei for travellers,
a focal point for entertainment, recreation and sport, as well as
a business centre for import, export and distribution.

Our team and partners are long term residents of Hefei with
the director a veteran expat since 2004.